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Graphics images or pictures do not display properly on the AOL Desktop Software

It might be possible sometimes that the users face some unusual technical error while using AOL Desktop software as it is happening in this case when the users are unable to see the graphics images while using AOL Desktop Software and they need the solution for the same. Well, we are providing a solution with some instructions for the users to resolve the issues and the users are required to follow all the steps to rectify the same and in any case they face error then we have another option to resolve the issues through AOL Technical Support Number +1-877-848-3933 where our tech support team will assist them in resolving the issue. We are providing some solutions and the users have to try one after another if the problem persists.


The users are required to authenticate whether the computer which they are using is meeting the system requirements for the AOL Desktop Software

The users have to make it sure that the system which they are using is meeting the requirements of the AOL Desktop Software and if it is not the users will get the message for the same.

The users have to enable pictures in Internet Explorer

The users have to ensure it that their settings in Internet Explorer are set to show pictures.

Note: If the users are using any other browser than Internet Explorer, then skip to Deactivate graphic compression on AOL Desktop v10.1.

To enable pictures in Internet Explorer:

  1. In the beginning, the users have to just click on Start, then they have to click on All Programsor Programs, and then they have to click on Internet Explorer.
  2. After that, they are required to click on the Toolsmenu, and then click Internet Options.
  3. Now the users have to click on the Advanced
  4. After the previous step they have to scroll to the Multimediasection, and then they have to select the checkbox next to Show pictures or Show pictures-ON.
  5. Now the users are required to click on OKto close the Internet Options
  6. This is the final step where they are required to close all open windows.

As we can see from the above description which we provided for the AOL where the users can resolve the issues by following the instructions step by step. If they face some error while following the instructions then we will assist them through our AOL Customer Support Phone Number +1-877-848-3933 with the help of our skilled technicians within a short span of time.


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